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Rocky Mens Long Range Waterproof Work Shoe


Quick Overview

Rocky Mens Long Range Waterproof Work Shoe

Sku # : 8878
* Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction
* Full-Grain Leather Upper
* Long Range X outsole system of ten peak performance components

Are you attempting to find a work shoe that is comfortable, offers dryness protection, is flexible, and is also built with quality materials that allow it to remain intact? If this is the case, then a great option for you is the Rocky 6” Long Range Waterproof Work Shoe (style #0008878).

This Rocky Long Range work shoe is built with a round toe. This is a classic shape for men’s footwear, and a benefit is that your feet are less likely to feel constricted while you are working.

SRL, a world class tannery, has developed (exclusively for the Long Range series) the full-grain leather that is on the upper of this #8878 shoe. The eye-catching, premium leather is waterproof, which allows the look of your work shoe to be preserved.

Not only will your shoes continue to look great but as you are tirelessly working the day away; these Rocky Long Range works shoes are going to keep your feet dry because they are built and guaranteed by Rocky Waterproof Construction.

Yet, it is not just outside waters that can bother you. When you are working hard, perspiration naturally tends to happen. No one wants to be walking around with sweaty feet because your footwear will begin to feel constricting, and when you take your shoes off at the end of the day the stench will be unbearable. The Dri-Lex Eco® from Faytex lining provides superior moisture management. Sweat doesn’t have a chance against this lining, because it will not wear away over time or wash off.

It is both a painful and aggravating experience when something gets down into your shoe. This #8878 shoe provides a fully padded collar as well as a padded tongue to prevent this from happening. This way, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing, take off your shoe, and shake out rocks, dirt, or any other debris.

This Long Range work shoe features a tremendous footbed made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). If you are not familiar with TPE; it offers a dual-density cushion and airflow chambers, it’s both soft and lightweight, durable, it can be recycled, and it has a lifetime guarantee.

The insole on this Rocky 6” Long Range work shoe is rather unique as well. It has not been constructed with cellulose or fiberboard. Instead of using those typical materials, it has been built from a special, one-piece molded design. It is difficult to believe but the insole will not breakdown or absorb moisture.

With this #8878 work shoe, you get a Rocky exclusive, the Stabili-Shank™. This patented shank design is "hard-as-steel". It has been molded, in a rib shape, to provide your feet with arch support and lateral stability.

These Rocky 6” Long Range work shoes have been built with Genuine Goodyear Welt construction. This gives you a durable pair of work shoes that will support your feet.

For shock absorption, a full length, compression molded midsole has been added. Correspondingly, this Long Range outsole has been designed with 3mm of tread depth that will give you maximum surface contact.

This pair of Rocky Long Range work shoe provides you with a gargantuan amount of features. You’ll love the way they keep your feet protected and how comfortable they remain while you are getting the job done.

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